Walk the Labyrinth, assemble at one of two amphitheaters, practice yoga on the outdoor

platform or indoor asana room ...and much more!

The Setting

This 15 acres of rolling oak-studded hills, meadows and desert canyon is nestled within the merging of two creeks. That's why it was the ideal place for the Kumeyaay Natives to make their camp here.  Stay for a little while and the ancient pottery will reveal itself to you.

Founders Stuart Hanna & Hannah Thom 

have endeavored to offer the most nurturing and supportive environment possible by creating a pretense-free melieu where your body mind and spirit can thrive.

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Meet Our Staff

Dedicated to a path of realizing the sacredness of our life journey through a deepening connection to nature and intentional living (yoga), the founders of Svatantria (Free Will) Retreat Center waited years to find a location that held auspiciousness and the potential for intimate groups (12 or fewer), as well as the ability to affordably gather, share, and practice. Our intention is to preserve the connection to nature observed by Kumeyaay hundreds of years prior on the very same spot.
We offer 3 or 4 day yoga and meditation retreats, and a wide variety of shorter courses and workshops concerned with all aspects of the srividya art of living.

Our Mission

You choose your accommodations. We offer cabins  or tents with adjacent solar shower and bath rooms, indoor bunk beds, or nearby BnBs.

Stuart hanna

& Hannah THOM