• 1 Select your retreat dates & pricing . View  the the calendar page to see available dates  (choose between available date slots for  2 or 3 night; Thur - Sun, or Fri-Sun. Arrival time is 2pm,  departure is Noon.Our per student minimum  is $295 for 2 nights or $395 for 3 nights. You can price your retreat at any amount higher than our minimum.
  • 2 Market to your listWe will create the online registration and send you a link so your students can  sign up. Don't have students? Ask us how we can create the marketing for you for a small fee. ($25 per student generated by our efforts).
  • ​3 Get Paid. Here's an example: 10 students x $600= $6000 x 20%=$1200 - $25 (1 student provided by SRC) = $1,175.​

When you decide to book a retreat at SRC, it's as EASY as 1 2 3. We will do all of the set up work.  You market to your students, show up, stay in a luxurious private bedroom, teach your classes (indoors or on our outdoor platform) and  leave with a check in your hand!  We will provide the space, all organic vegetarian meals, guided hikes and nightly fire circles

​We require a $300 deposit from the host upon booking a 2 night retreat and $400 for 3 nights. Cancellations for a deposit refund must be no fewer than 60 days from the retreat start date. There is an 6 student minimum per retreat.



 For a 3-night retreat, guests would arrive 2 pm Thursday afternoon and stay until Sunday noon.  A typical schedule would be as follows: 
Thursday:Once guests have been shown their accommodations and been allowed to settle in,  a local guded hike (theretreat property adjoins BLM land)  would follow, with yoga class scheduled for the evening,  then dinner and a fire circle
Friday and Saturday:  An am class, followed by breakfast, some rest time, and then a guided hike to one of the local hiking areas  (with picnic,  sack lunch).  There is an afternoon/evening yoga session again followed by dinner and then fire circle. Retreat participants may use downtime for walking SRC's grounds, nature observation, meditation, or walking the labyrinth.  We may also schedule bodywork sessions upon request! 

Guided hikes:

Julian is home to some of the best hiking in San Diego County.  For a three-night retreat, there will be three guided hikes, two for a two-night retreat, etc.  Most of the hikes would require a group carpool to the trailhead (most are 10 minutes away or less).  The hikes range from creekside canyons to the peak of majestic Volcan Mountain, and may vary in distance from 1.5 to 3.5 miles, although longer hikes may be requested. 


 Meals are prepared from scratch and with love at SRC.  We use as many local and organic products as we can and each meal is strictly vegetarian.  Gluten and dairy free accommodations may be requested by individual guests and must be made known ahead of time.  Breakfasts and dinners are served as sit down meals.  At this time we do not serve alcohol although we may be open to occasional bottle of wine at one of the dinners if desired/provided by the instructor.  


Participants may choose from three lodging options: on-site tents (ready and cozy beds within) with outdoor bathroom and shower, on-site bunkhouse with indoor bathroom and shower, or participants may book a room at a local bed and breakfast.  We have many local bed and breakfasts located less than a half or even quarter mile away, some potentially within walking distance of SRC!  Cost of lodging is not included in the base price of the retreat, but onsite lodging is affordable-- $20/night/tent option or $30/night/bunkhouse option.  At this time we are only offering spring and fall retreats, and generally weather is mild and pleasant, although tent campers must be prepared for the possibility of chilly evenings.  Instructors stay in a private room apart from guests although bathroom may be shared. 

Asana Space:

SRC boasts a beautiful outdoor yoga platform overlooking a seasonal creek with a spectacular west-facing canyon view.  We also provide an indoor asana room with wood floors.  it is up to the instructor to decide which class might be held where, and we don't mind switching it up!  The indoor yoga room often doubles as a dining room when not in use for practice and is airy and light with multiple windows. 
Props:  SRC provides yoga blankets, an assortment on mats (although guests are encouraged to bring their own), blocks, and straps.
Smoking: SRC is a non-smoking facility.

Pricing and contract:  

We will follow this email with a contract but generally terms are as follows:  Instructors book a weekend, either 2 or 3-night retreat, running from Thursday to Sunday or Friday to Sunday.  A $350 deposit is needed to hold the reservation.  This deposit is returned at the end of the retreat or forfeited if the retreat is cancelled within 30 days of the start date.  


 Each retreat requires a 7 student minimum.  It is up to the instructor to gather enough students to meet the minimum.  If the minimum number of students is not met 30 days prior to the retreat start date the instructor may either cancel the retreat (30 days ahead of time) retaining the deposit, or may choose to proceed with the retreat but is responsible for 50% of the cost of each student not present to make up the minimum at the time of the reatreat.  So , for instance, if you decide to move forward with a retreat of 6 and the tuitions is $500, we would deduct $250 from your $350 deposit for that one student.


Instructors receive 20% of the gross revenue of the retreat, excluding lodging costs.  SRC has a minimum retreat cost of $295 for and 2 night retreat and $395 for a 3-night retreat.  Instructors may choose  any price as long as it meets the minimum and receive the 20% of whatever price is chosen.

SRC holds a general liability policy, however all students must sign a liability waiver to attend and each instructor must carry his or her own insurance.
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